Keani and Sabrina

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Melissa Van Brunt, our Mac And Cheese intern, had this to say....

Last Saturday, after getting back into town from the Santa Barbara Kids Expo, Stacie Isabella gave me the balloon creation of SABRINA (and her committee) to give to my 5 yr old niece, Keani. This 3 ft tall balloon garnered much attention all day, as she sat welcoming all the kids we hosted at our event table but many thought she was a monkey!

When I walked in with her, Keani’s little face immediately lit up and she said, "look at that little girl." She has not even read the story about her yet but she was so excited and couldn''t contain herself. She noticed immediately there were characters in her hair, in the style of faces.

(note the white balloons within her orange curls.)

”Auntie Melissa, why are there people in her hair?’ she asked.

“They are voices who are in her head who aren''t very nice to Sabrina,” I explained. Then she said, “Oh, well... I don''t have to listen to them!”

A “committee” doesn’t stand a chance with Keani!