Jars Aren’t Just For Jam

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


By Amy G. (kids 8,6,3 yrs)

I am not interested in having ungrateful children. In a world where this seems to be the norm and, specifically, the section of California where I live.  I want to give my children everything I possibly can, but I want them to respect and be grateful for how those items were placed on their hands, feet, bodies, etc. (you get the idea).


I was speaking with my friend, Stacie Isabella, who mentioned this fabulous idea to me of having the kids intentionally contribute to various areas of their lives, thus expanding their awareness of those things and giving them the power to work towards others. She suggested having different jars represent different contributions.  We chose “Tithing”, “Education” and then “My Own Jar”.  We made it a crafty event too by decorating them with art supplies in our craft cabinet (they had carte blanche as to how and what they should like although my eight-year old took the reins) and then sat them out on the kitchen counter.  The idea was received quite well and enthusiasm ensued…for awhile.


All spare change went into the jars and was evenly divided.  Renewed vigor  surfaced for around-the-house chores so were being completed at an amazing rate! Why hadn’t I thought of this before??!!  Clearly, the “my own jar” took the lead, but we talked about what all the jars meant and what was important. The kids were excited to have money to give to others out of the Tithing Jar...any group or person of their choice, but we discussed some options together. This booty ended up (in its first round) being donated to a local men and women’s shelter.  One of the kids bought their own pair of shoes with the money they collected personally from My Own Jar.  The Education Jar is going towards a rock-climbing class they want to take.


It is very empowering for a child to use their own money they have worked towards collecting, earning, etc..., to give to someone else in whatever capacity that might be.  Children need to understand, in this sheltered environment we live in filled with self-gratification, that you have to work for what you want and everything is not handed to you because you ask for it.  This has been an enlightening project that we will continue!!