Responding In Kindess, Not In Kind...thoughts from a conscious mom on September 11th

Monday, September 11, 2017

By Brtiney Cysewski

I struggled today with my disillusionment in American bandwagons and my desire to consciously parent and use the opportunities presented to educate my six year old.

I decided to honor the lives lost in a monumental tragedy by teaching her that our actions have consequences. The terrorists that decided to take their aggression out on our country were poorly responding to their pain. And, just like it isn't okay to hit someone for hurting our feelings, it was not okay for those men to hijack planes and kill thousands of people. 

Our actions all have consequences. We are responsible for the hurt we create in the world, big and small. We are responsible for our own choices in responding to hurt and aggression, not in kind, but in kindness...even when we are hurting.

Photo by: Stacie Isabella Turk/Ribbonhead