Fifteen years ago, I awoke from a dream about a ladybug and a giraffe.

   At the time, in addition to being a professional visual storyteller with photographs and film for private families and advertising agencies, I also had the pleasure of reading to 120 kids each week as a volunteer for a children's literacy organization.

So much fun!

   It is easy to see how beautiful art inspires one to pick up a book and how a story that enlightens, inspires the turning of the page. Literacy is a powerful and necessary tool with which to be armed, and when reading is shared with a grown-up who cares, it can be magic for a child. Add music into the mix and we have a full experience!

   That morning when I awoke with the first complete story in my head, I learned quickly that Wendy and Ursula were not characters I had read about in someone else's book, but were given to me to bring to life…and so I did, along with Sabrina, The Brothers Caterpillar and many others you will meet in this volume and others that follow.

   With over 25+ years phtographically capturing children in authentic moments both commercially and privately, I have watched, played and learned. This anthology of stories and songs I call MACARONI AND CHEESE, has its own life. My hope is that it will touch and enlighten you as a child, parent, teacher or mentor. It is meant to be comforting and it is meant to be shared… just like the warmest bowl of macaroni and cheese!

   You will have to wait for Volume II to meet the ladybug and the giraffe...


Stacie Isabella Turk


    What do we believe in?








                   YOUR BODY





...and the right to eat chocolate!

Inspired by the FREE TO BE YOU AND ME book and record, Ribbonhead is thrilled to publish Volume I of what we hope to be a full anthology of 6.

We have assembled a boatload of talent which we offer up on a plate

(pun intended) for you.

Contributing MAC AND CHEESE artists include 7 super talented professional peeps: illustrators, storytellers, and singers and songwriter. (You will find the names of these talented folks on the home page.)

We have put in artistic images on every page in hopes of exciting parents to read with your kids everyday. We put in groovy tunes that will make you want to get up and dance with your child until you are both giggling... and maybe sing in the car too!                 


Having workshopped 2000+ kids to date in schools and Girl Scouts, Stacie also speaks and leads group workshops for parents on how to integrate character building concepts through literacy, art, music and play.

She is a qualified member of the International Coaching Federation, trained and certified as a professional coach. and

available for  private coaching.

In what has been a thirty year self-study on conscious parenting, she has collected many valuable resources including the effect on a child of constant praise, to the benefits of music for ADHD, to neuro-plasticity,

to shame/courage and vulnerability.

Please feel free to write with

requests for resources, articles and suggestions.

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