Become a donor, sponsor, or marketing partner and direct your social impact or marketing dollars to the

MACARONI AND CHEESE  program for the schools in your district. Gift the implementation of this program with all materials to elementary schools in your school district so that you can impact Kindergarten - 5th grade with a powerful and effective emotional intelligence and literacy curriculum delivered via reading, music, art, and play.

Provide the parents in your community with a tool for their conscious parenting.

WIth your funding of this program, each school's Kindergarten - 5th grade class will participate in a 45-90 minute student workshop (music, art, story-telling/writing) led by one of our facilitators AND go home with their own signed copy of MACARONI AND CHEESE, Vol 1, a custom

MC bookmark and maybe a workbook too...

(we are working on that)!

It is designed to be a program from which the parents and teachers can pivot throughout the school year for their emotional intelligence and reading material in one.  

You may work through our fiscal sponsor,

national non-profit literacy organization 501(c)(3)

KIDS NEED TO READ (kidsneedtoread.org),

to gift one or all the schools in your district

with the MAC AND CHEESE program, or you may

sponsor and partner with us directly.

How Can Your Corporation Get Involved?

• Volume 1 published 2013

• 1500 copies sold

• 4 awards

• 4,000 kids and parents workshopped to date

• Fiscally sponsored by Kids Need To Read (national non-profit literacy org)

• Approved LAUSD vendor

• Lexile Measurement for 4-9 yrs old

• Data supported with a study of 700 elementary school students measured

• Glowing endorsements and reviews from educators, parents, publications,  community leaders, and psychologists

• Featured Star of Kirkus Library Review


For a discussion about

your social impact,

corporate sponsorship

or a marketing partnership,

please contact

Stacie Isabella Turk or Brian Frerichs



About The Project

MACARONI AND CHEESE (Anthology book/audio combo)

is a six volume collection of stories, songs and activities

for elementary school age children (4-9 yrs old) and their parents,

designed to champion a child’s unique view of the world.

Based on character building concepts such as

cultivating gratitude, self-esteem, and mediocrity,

this content is meant to cultivate children’s emotional intelligence and ignite their excitement for literacy, while supporting parents

as a tool for EQ learning and conscious parenting.

Volume 1 is the first of what will eventually be six volumes + workbook. Released in March 2013, this first volume has collected a

Mom's Choice Award, Book of the Year

from Creative Child Magazine (category: self-esteem,)

and two Awards of Excellence from Best Ever You Magazine.

Packed full of content!

Each volume houses three fully illustrated stories,

two original songs, three narrated audio versions

and a suggested activities page for play learning. 

Impact…make it where it counts

Mental health + physical health = well-being



Conscious Parenting


Would you like to impact the total well-being of thousands of children and parents in your community at once?

What if MACARONI AND CHEESE were synonymous with health and wellness, instead of just comfort food that

tastes delicious but clogs your arteries?

If you are in the business of

   health, wellness and well-being, then the overall health of the community

is at the forefront of

your objective and intention.

Results: numbers

As an example, at a $250k sponsorship level, approximately 20 schools or 10,000 students will be serviced @ 500 students in each elementary school. (Existing Vol 1)

Take It To The Next Level

For the corporate sponsors/partners who want to take it to the next level, the remaining 5 volumes of MACARONI AND CHEESE (Anthology)  and workbooks could bear the name of the corporation on any or all for which they fund publishing costs. Following the publish, a portion of those sponsorship funds will also be used to implement the program into schools with workshops, book/cds, workbooks for schools in the district where the corporation is based or of their choosing. The cover of any/all volumes and all promotional materials that pertain to that volume(s) would read:

Results: data

We have measured close to 1,000 students before and after our workshop program and have data to support up to 30% improvement in the quality of their emotional intelligence; awareness and comprehension of concepts such as gratitude, compassion, kindness, resilience, and self-esteem.


Volume 2

made possible

and gifted by

ABC Hospital

As a school psychologist, I found that the Macaroni and Cheese stories and songs are great tools for parents and teachers to use with children.  

The concepts are easily accessible to children as young as Kindergarten -

age 9 or 10.

There are accompanying activities and discussion starters to assist the adults in translating these critical messages, so that children can really understand how important they are for their healthy development. I look forward to future stories in the anthology.

Allan P. Gold, Ph.D. School Psychologist

Reed Union School District - Tiburon, CA


The Macaroni and Cheese Anthology is a brilliant way to educate students to use their creative thoughts and imagination to learn.  This anthology is needed in every classroom.  

Mrs. Gina Stutzel  M.Ed                               Principal, Soleado Elementary       


MACARONI AND CHEESE VOL 1 is a kind and sweet experience to be enjoyed by children and the adults who love them!

As Father,  Principal, and Design Thinker, I appreciate the simultaneous simplicity and depth of this work!  

I appreciate this anthology deeply, and I encourage all educators to dive deep with it.                      

Eric Chagala, EdD, Founding Principal

Vista Innovation and Design Academy