Magnificent Macaroni and Cheese served up here:

              PANERA BREAD (white cheddar mac ‘n cheese) LA


              MACBAR, NYC

              POCO  (lobster mac ‘n cheese) NYC

              VEGGIE GRILL


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Well, this space is for those curious and creative students whose imaginations have continued to weave futures for the

MACARONI AND CHEESE (Anthology) characters even after they reach the end of the stories!!

Please send us your continuation stories by

clicking here on THEN WHAT?

and we will post them for all to read!

Following the MACARONI AND CHEESE ANTHOLOGY classroom workshops, are your students are asking, "then what?"  

What happens to Sabrina after she is liberated from her committee? What sort of adventures does she experience and how does her new found freedom impact her life? Where does Grateful go on his journey as a butterfly? What happens to his caterpillar brothers, Grumpy and Grouchy? Have you run into an alien from the planet, Adequate, in the universe, Mediocre?

What happens next? Then what...?